Repurposed Leather Bags and Accessories,
Saving Cast-off Leather Garments from Landfill Waste,
Ethically and Sustainably Designed and Made in Canada


Have an outdated leather jacket, pair of pants or skirt? Why not have them reclaimed into a fab new bag or accessory. You’ll be bringing life back to that once beloved, outdated leather garment you might have worn in another era but wouldn’t dare now. We reclaim old outdated or damaged leather garments into gorgeous, functional handbags and accessories. This is what circular fashion is all about! You might not fit into that size 2 pair of Joan Jett Leather pants any longer, but hey, they'd look pretty amazing turned into a styling new wearable piece that has a story behind its seams. Feel free to contact us to discuss reclaiming your leather garment into a OOAK custom handbag or accessory We will work with either your garment or from our current inventory of once loved jackets. Check out the Gallery section to view a few examples of before and afters. Saving our landfills from leather waste, one jacket at a time! Everything is lovingly made to order.

xo Agent Reclaim

Custom Designs
Commissioned by the grandchildren, these unique custom designed leather garments circa 1970's were requested to be remade into several handbags and accessories to pay homage to their beloved grandmother, an eccentric NYC socialite.