Upcycled / Repurposed / Remade / Reclaimed.
Honouring the seams of its previous form
Repurposed Leather Bags and Accessories,
Saving Cast-off Leather Garments from Landfill Waste,
Ethically and Sustainably Designed and Made in Canada


Is to be part of the solution by diverting textile waste out of landfills and reclaiming old outdated or damaged leather garments into gorgeous, functional handbags and accessories. At Agent Reclaim we are passionate about Upcycling the forgotten, damaged and unsellable garments and bringing them back to life in a new form, paying homage to its seams and extending its lifecycle.

Saving our landfills from leather waste, one jacket at a time! Everything is lovingly made to order, respecting a zero waste production model.

xo Agent Reclaim