About Us

My name is Shannon O'Hara and I love working with leather! I used to source tanned skins, cut, sew and tool for my bag collections. One day a friend came to me with a beautiful pair of cognac coloured deerskin leather pants. They no longer fit her and had some wear and a bit of tear. She asked if I could do something with them and I got to work on transforming this gorgeous leather into what became the Lucinda and Agent Reclaim first bag. 

I only work with post consumer, downstream leather and other textiles, damaged and in many cases beyond repair. Upcycling, repurposing, reclaiming, there are many terms used to define what we do. It's working with what already exist and bringing life back to it in a new form. This is sustainable fashion and a disruptive response to the toxic and damaging fast fashion industry. I am by no means novel in this practice and am thrilled to see so many designers, big and small brands making gorgeous products out of refuse materials and damaged clothing.

Unique, one of a kind is so cool and my hope for the future of fashion.  

So far Agent Reclaim has diverted over 16,000 lbs of leather from going to landfill and repurposed 1000 lbs of hardware.  We have collaborated with brands in diverting their damaged, returned inventory to produce capsule collections and helping them minimize their carbon footprint. We continue to work at finding ways to incorporate deadstock (textiles castoffs from post production, manufacturers and design houses) in our lining and in some cases heavier weight as bags' outer shell.

Each Agent Reclaim bag/accessory carries a story through its seams.                  By recycling these forgotten or once loved garments we are paying homage to its origins and extending the life cycle of the garment by transforming it into a new product, thus extending its life cycle. 

We aim to work towards a fully circular model and believe we can be a zero waste business, doing good for people and the planet by only producing what is needed. Our Made to Order model allows us to minimize our waste foot print, building quality over quantity.

Every Agent Reclaim bag is made to order out of our Toronto area studio.


Shannon lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada with her husband, two kids and their shaggy dog Maggs.